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These are our most recent Sunday talks. Earlier talks on Luke are at "Talks on Luke's Gospel" (click to go there).  Recent talks on Isaiah are at "Talks on Isaiah" (click to go there).  The 2016 series on Philippians is at "Talks on Philippians" (click to go there). Previous talks not in those series are available on the Recorded Earlier page (click to go there). You can download older files, back to 2011, from the Sermon Archive (click to go there). For some of our favourites from all these collections, see the panel at the lower right of this page. 

Revelation 4 – The Holy Creator

This is the first theme of the everlasting worship of God in heaven.  What does it mean that God is Holy, and what does it mean that he is Creator?  (Includes Q&A. Erik Pattison, 12 August 2018)

Luke 9:18-27 – Deny self to follow Christ

Who do you say Jesus is?  Nothing has a greater effect on how we live our own lives.  (Neville Reid, sermon at Bow Baptist Church, 5 August 2018)

Luke 7:36–50, Mark 14:3–10 – Perfume for Jesus

Anointing Jesus with perfume was extravagant and even embarrassing.  What does it tell us about worship?  (Erik Pattison, 5 August 2018)

Matthew 2:1–12 – Worshipping Jesus

The wise men made a long journey to find the baby Jesus.  What do we learn about real worship from these men?  (Erik Pattison, 22 July 2018. Includes a wide-ranging Q&A at the end)

John 8:2–11 – The writing's on the floor

What has gone wrong with religion that brings a woman to be stoned, and what was Jesus doing by writing in the dust?  (Roy Scarsbrook, 15 July 2018)

Luke 22:44-53 – God's great purposes

"He opened their minds to understand the scriptures."  What is the big picture, and how does this help us through the jolts and hurts of our lives?  (Neville Reid, 8 July 2018)

Luke 24:33-53 – Faith and doubt

Even when face-to-face with the risen Jesus, the disciples still had their doubts.  How did Jesus react, and where does this leave us?  (Neville Reid, 1 July 2018)

Talks on Luke

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Talks on Isaiah

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