The Lord Jesus, the Christ

The Christian Faith is centred on Jesus Christ. And healthy churches are also centred on Him. We exist to follow Christ with a faith, hope and love focussed on who He is and what He does.

Who He is

  • The fullest revelation of the invisible God.
  • The incarnation of God - the second person of the divine being.
  • The completely human saviour of humanity.

What He does

  • Through His sufferings he atones for sin, making forgiveness and peace with God possible for all.
  • Now ascended to the throne of heaven, he rules over all things.
  • He (with the Father) sends the Holy Spirit to lead us into faith and fill us with hope and grace, creating churches which are signs of His Wisdom.

What he expects of us

  • We repent, leaving all evil and hatred and learning from Him the ways of peace.
  • We trust Him and believe His promise of eternal life, resurrection and help for now.
  • We respond to Him with love for God and neighbour and serve one another in churches.
  • Baptism is the moment when we consciously receive His promises and make our promise to Him.

How it all works

  • Through Prayer "in Jesus' Name". Christ has opened the door to God's presence. We can ask anything.
  • Through the Bible. Hebrew and Greek scriptures are about Him. The church gathers round the Bible.
  • Through God's activity. The Holy Spirit creates new hearts, new desires and new resolve in us.
  • Through Faith. We sacrifice and change because we trust in the goodness and power of God.