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Our Faith

Centred on Jesus Christ as Lord

The central conviction shared by believers is that God has acted in Jesus to save the world, to reveal Himself and to claim the loyalty of all mankind. His motives are loving and good.

The world needs saving because we are lost in many ways. Lost in evil, lost in relation to God, lost in confusion of mind and lost in purpose. If we die in such a condition we face a future judgement on our actions which cannot be hopeful.

We believe that the process of salvation has begun and the process of judgement is also happening. Each person must take responsibility and seek God while he may be found and leave the life that leads to destruction. Although this is our individual responsibility we are to seek God together in relationship with the churches of Christ. A church is a fellowship created by the presence of God, the Holy Spirit, who works among us by creating faith in God and love for our neighbours and a special bond with others who follow Christ.

Based on the Bible

We do not expect visitors and new believers to believe the inerrancy of the Bible. That is a mature conviction that can only grow out of familiarity with the wisdom and power of scripture. All that is needed is to trust the New Testament documents as much as we trust any well-attested historical text. The people we find there are believable historical characters and the central person, Jesus, is shown as deserving our love and loyalty. Since the only Jesus we can know is the Jesus of the Bible, our faith is based on scripture. One of the great discoveries we then make is how much of the Old Testament is also about Him – looking forward to Christ, the life of His churches and the world to come.

Worked out in life

Every church has its own character and there is huge variety in the ways we work out our love of God and neighbour. There are many ways to be "Christian". Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12, ESV).

Nearly everything in the New Testament teaching is plural (including that last sentence about your – plural – own salvation). So most church activity is about preparing each other for the good works God has destined for each of us. The old word for this is "edification" – building up.

Also, since the praise of God is our purpose and destiny, there is a note of adoration. We worship God in Christ together and as we walk through daily life.

Where do I start?

Anywhere. Christ has followers in all circumstances. There will come moments of decision when you will feel the challenge to leave your sins and receive the gift of salvation. Make sure you do not refuse God. The best context for being guided in these things is a church which teaches and practises His word.