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These are our most recent Sunday talks. Older sermon series are available on churchExodus, selected Psalms, Isaiah, Luke's Gospel, 1 CorinthiansEphesians, Philippians, 1 Peter and James. Previous talks not in those series are on the Recorded Earlier page. You can download older files, back to 2011, from the Sermon Archive. For some of our favourites from all these collections, see the panel at the lower right of this page.

For Erik Pattison's daily messages recorded at home during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, see the separate page with an index of Video messages.


This page contains the most recent 7 or so Sunday talks. 

For our current series on 1 Corinthians in full, see Talks on 1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians 8 – Not only Food

Before Christ, the food laws were an important part of being a believer. Why are we now free in matters of food and drink? (Erik Pattison, 19th June 2022)

1 Corinthians 7:17-39 - As God Called

In this passage we can see how Paul was teaching to the Corinthians that to follow Jesus is not about changing status but... (Luke Hastings 19th June 2022 - recorded from Husk for a technical issue)

1 Corinthians 7:1-16 – Love and Marriage

If Paul were writing to the church today, what do you think would be the main questions around sex, relationships and marriage? How does looking forward to the end of all things help you to live out your calling today? (Bex White, 5 June 2022)

1 Corinthians 6:12-20 – The Body Beautiful

How does God regard your body?  How does sexual intimacy reflects our intimacy with Christ?  What is the significance of your redemption; bought with a price for freedom  (John Day, 22 May 2022. Bible reading by Temi Adeniji.)

1 Corinthians 6:1-11 – Why not rather be cheated?

How should we deal with real life situations where we trusted someone and they abused our trust?  (Erik Pattison, 15 May 2022.  Bible reading by Keziah Davidge)

1 Corinthians 5 – Sexual immorality

God has always been accepting people with colourful sexual history, but we leave immorality behind when we come to Christ.  Should we challenge the sexual behaviour of those outside the Church?  (Simon Kempson, 8 May 2022)

1 Corinthians 4 – Leaders are stewards and servants

Stewards and servants – is that how you see leadership? What have you been entrusted with? Are you faithfully stewarding it?  (Tony Uddin, 1 May 2022. Bible reading by Kath Mabbutt)