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These are our most recent Sunday talks. Older sermon series are available on Exodus, selected Psalms, Isaiah, Luke's Gospel, Ephesians, Philippians, 1 Peter and James. Previous talks not in those series are on the Recorded Earlier page. You can download older files, back to 2011, from the Sermon Archive. For some of our favourites from all these collections, see the panel at the lower right of this page.

For Erik Pattison's daily messages recorded at home during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, see the separate page with an index of Video messages.


Romans 12:9-21 – Church is more than church

Paul challenges us to look outwards, and practise love outside the church as well as in.  Two points need our attention: loving enemies, and taking care to consider how we can find common ground with surprising people.  (Bex White, 14 November 2021)

Philippians 2:1-11 – Church is more than me

Even though we are surrounded by messages and beliefs that say we should put ourselves first, we can and should live differently: living a life of humility in community, and not an individualistic lifestyle.  (Tony Uddin, 7 November 2021)

We have a video recording of this message on YouTube.

In that service we also celebrated the baptism of Keziah Davidge.

Acts 2:42-47 – Church is more than Sundays

Fellowship means sharing life in common, around our shared life in Jesus, not around shared culture or interests.  (Tony Uddin, 31 October 2021)

Deut 6:1-25, Judges 2:7-15 – Church is more than now

God impressed on his people that they must pass his story on to the next generation.  This is still a task for every one of us today.  (Bex White, 24 October 2021)

Romans 12:1 – Church is more than singing

For many of us, singing is very dear to our hearts, but church is about far more than that.  (James Blake, 17 October 2021)

Acts 3 – Church is more than the natural

Starting a new series on what the church is: It is more than what is natural.   (Gary Davidge, 10 October 2021. Includes a long Q&A at the end.)

Jude – Contend for the faith

Jude has a message for all who follow Christ.  It was even more urgent for him than talking about our salvation, and it is still urgent today.  (Neville Reid, 26 September 2021. This recording includes a full reading of the letter of Jude)

James and the Law

Looking back on the whole letter of James, what does he mean by the Royal Law, and his puzzling words "the law of perfect freedom"?  Now that Jesus has come and changed so much, how is the Old Testament still valuable to us?  (Erik Pattison, 19 September 2021)