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These are our most recent Sunday talks. Previous talks on Exodus are at the Exodus page. Older sermon series are available on 1 PeterLuke's GospelIsaiah, and PhilippiansPrevious talks not in those series are on the Recorded Earlier page. You can download older files, back to 2011, from the Sermon Archive. For some of our favourites from all these collections, see the panel at the lower right of this page. 

Ephesians 3:20-21 – The Glory of God in the Church

Introducing the book of Ephesians.  What does our generation particularly need to hear from the Bible? – the Church is missing as part of the gospel message.  (Erik Pattison, 12 May 2019)

Exodus 14 – Tribulation to Triumph

The victory at the Red Sea is for us. It is a model of the victory that Christ gives to his people.  (Neville Reid, 5 May 2019)

Exodus 12:14–20 – Strange food for a special party

Unleavened bread is an odd choice for the Passover festival.  Yet God insisted on it, with severe sanctions.  What did it mean to Israel, and what does it mean for us?  (Erik Pattison, 28 April 2019)

Exodus 12 – Slaughter and Salvation

The last plague was different, a horrific judgment from God.  There was only one way to escape it: to share in the Lord's Passover meal.  We understand now that Christ is our Passover.  Jesus himself talked about us having to eat his flesh – we must be that closely connected to him.  (Erik Pattison, Easter Day, 21 April 2019.)

Exodus 7–10 – So that you may know

Why did God deal harshly with the Egyptians?  What do we learn about him from the plagues that he brought on them?  (Neville Reid, 14 April 2019.)

For this sermon you may also want to see the chart of the plagues of Egypt

Exodus 6 – Down in the Deeps

The Israelites, even Moses, were thoroughly dispirited.  God acts to save them anyway.  What can we hang on to when it feels that God has let us down?  (Neville Reid, 7 April 2019)

This sermon refers to an old song "Wooden Cross Rider" by Garth Hewitt. You can hear it at

Exodus 5 – A Hard Beginning

Conversion is only the beginning.  Redemption is a journey, and Israel's story is a picture of ours.  When things get tough, will we stick at it?  (Erik Pattison, 31 March 2019)

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