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Other sites for the Lighthouse and our pastors

Erik Pattison's YouTube playlists are at

Our Facebook page is

Erik's book on the Revelation can be read online, free of charge: "Revelation for Normal People"  (this link is for the latest revision, work in progress)

He has published some dynamic presentations on Revelation and other topics using Prezi software, at

Erik has a few blog sites, no longer regularly updated, but with material that is still of value: 

The Lighthouse twitter feed is

Erik's personal Twitter accounts is


Bible resources

Our favourite online resource for Bible study is called “Bible Hub”. Just type into your browser bar or phone. It is not cluttered with inappropriate ads and is provided free of charge. (They even ask people NOT to donate). It has all you would expect and quite a lot you might not expect on a free site. It is great for finding those half-remembered bible quotes.

For audio recordings of Bible readings, we recommend Bible Gateway. This has recordings of many Bible translations, including straight or dramatised recordings of the NIV or KJV, and the updated NIV read by David Suchet. 

For some excellent videos introducing each book of the Bible, and various related topics, see TheBibleProject on YouTube.


Links to other churches, organisations, etc

The Lighthouse is affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC).

As of 2021, we are delighted the life of the Lighthouse is being renewed through a new partnership with Tower Hamlets Community Church (THCC), another independent local church based in Bow, Poplar and the Isle of Dogs.  THCC is affiliated to the Assemblies of God. 

Some other nearby churches that we are particularly close to are:

We support these local organisations:

  • Crossteach – talking about the Christian faith in schools
  • GrowTH – Night shelter

We seek to be welcoming and considerate to people with special needs, and are grateful for advice such as:

To find advice and support groups for many and varied personal issues, the BBC's ActionLine page may be helpful.