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Psalm 27 – Waiting for the Lord

Waiting is unpopular, but wonderful things are promised to those who "wait for the Lord".  What does it really mean and look like?  (Erik Pattison, 8 March 2020. Note: Erik's voice at the start of this recording was a bit hoarse from our cheerful singing, but he soon recovered.)

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Psalm 37 – Waiting for the Lord: Do not fret

Following the talk on psalm 27, this psalm tells us several more things about what waiting on God really means.  For a start, those who love God have a choice: wait on him, or fret.  (Erik Pattison, 15 March 2020.  Do read the text first, as the reading is not included in this recording: Psalm 37 NIV)

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Psalm 52 – Divided loyalties and wicked obedience

Doeg the Edomite did what his King wanted and earned the hostility of the King who was to come. Like the days of Saul and David we live in two Kingdoms and we must choose where our loyalty will be given. (Erik Pattison, 10 January 2016)

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Psalm 54 – Praying for vengeance but leaving justice to God

In the face of betrayal and hatred what can we do? What did David do? What did Christ do? (Erik Pattison, 24 January 2016)

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Psalm 55 – Trusting God in the Horrors of Life

When David's life was truly horrendous, even being betrayed by a friend, how did he still trust in God? How do we? {Neville Reid, 31 January 2016)

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Psalm 56 – Put my tears in your bottle

One of the worst things about suffering is that it seems to be a total waste, but this psalm tells us that some tears are precious to God.  (Neville Reid, 3 December 2017)

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Psalm 57 – Praying for the glory of God

David's prayer, in a time of trouble, helps us pray according to God's will in hard times and at all times.  (Neville Reid, 22 September 2019)

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Psalm 86, and 3 John – Walk in the truth

Not a resolution - more a direction of movement. Walking in truth does not mean arguing about it but loving the Christ Who IS Truth and can be trusted.  (Erik Pattison, 3 January 2016)

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Psalm 96 – Rejoicing in God's justice

Second talk on God's justice: a look at what is so wonderfully good about it, that we long for it and all of creation will rejoice in it.  (Erik Pattison, 23 February 2020. Includes a long Q&A. For the preceding talk on Vengeance from Romans 12, see the "Recorded earlier" page)

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Psalm 116 – Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints

A funeral and remembrance for a godly Lighthouse person, Bett Guidotti. It is a strange joy, tearful and exalting, to witness the transition to paradise of a saint. Now she waits in the presence of God with peace and hope of the resurrection to come.

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Psalm 131 – Humble like a child

Seeing a little child with its mother, the writer understands the way to live humbly with God. (Neville Reid, 16 August 2015)

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