What's On

This page has a timetable of our regular weekly meetings. 

Below that is a space for news of other recent or forthcoming activities. 

For a complete listing of events in the church building or involving the congregation, click on Calendar


Weekly timetable:

Our regular activities are as follows. For full details and venues, see our Meetings page.


Sunday meetings: 

Lighthouse Baptist Church (English language), 10.30 

Bethel Baptist Church (Portuguese language), from 3.00


( Parent & Toddler Group:

Wednesday, 10.00 – 12.00. NOTE: currently taking a break for the summer; due to open again on 4 September. )


Midweek prayer & bible study:

Wednesday evening at church, 7.30 pm 

Thursday morning at church, 9.00 am

Thursday evening house group, 7.30 pm


Saturday mornings: 

Prayer meeting, 9.00 am

Music practice, 10.15 am



Other news:  


Days at Church

On Saturday 5 January many of us came together for a “Day at Church”.  Some had a session on “Standing up for yourself with respect”. Meanwhile, others learned new cooking skills, preparing a good lunch for us all.  After lunch, most of us stayed on for “Handling money well”. 

Everybody enjoyed the day and asked for more like it. 

The idea of these days is that we can look at topics which don’t fit into a Sunday but which are worth thinking about.

On 27 July there will be another session on money, dealing with things like savings, pensions, loans etc. We will also have more coaching on relating well to other people.

Let us know what other practical matters you would like to explore.


Developing Ministry

James writes that "Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers", but Paul writes to Timothy, "If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble task." 

The "Developing Ministry Group" is an coaching session for people who may be gifted for teaching or other ministry in the church.  For more information, please speak to one of the pastors. 


Community events

In addition to the church's own activities, our building also hosts various local community events.  

On one Saturday afternoon month there is Games4All, where neighbours get to know each other playing table-top games. Children are very much included, but parents must stay as well if the children are young.  Check the Calendar page for upcoming dates.  For more info, email LinkingU_enquiries@yahoo.co.uk

In June or July each year, we help to host the Brock Place Community Party.  The 2019 party was on Saturday 22 June.

In February 2019, with the Bromley-by-Bow Centre, Communities Driving Change, and local landlords we hosting an event for the community around Devons Road & Watts Grove. This included a Discovery Walk in the morning and a fun day in the afternoon, with crafts and activities for children, and information about nearby places to find support.  


Community Walk, 23 Feb 2019

Community event in 2019 – end of the Devons Road Discovery Walk